We are proudly an new wholly owned and managed company, established in 2015 by two partners holding valuable and long time experience on the VoIP communications field. Our engineering heritage and agile nature continues to provide the foundation for our consistent growth.

We are dedicated to consultancy, implementation and support communications solutions throughout Europe.  Our office is situated in Samos Greece but our infrastructure extends throughout Europe.

We are passionate about the future of technology and this passion is evident in our strategic planning and execution of our communications solutions assisting businesses to change and integrate processes and measure performance.

As the communications landscape has exponentially changed since 2000, we have continued to be at the forefront of emerging technology, working collaboratively with vendor partners, channel partners and customers to provide the best possible services and solutions.


Why should I work with Nissos Developmet?

Reasons to Work with us...

1. We, The People
Everyone at Nissos Development is passionate about what they do and the experience they provide for you. The people here are responsible for our success and the main reason you should be working with us.

2. We Aren't New to the Industry (and We Aren't Going Anywhere)
We have been in business since 2008, serving the VoIP marketplace since then with no signs of slowing down in sight.

3. We Are Experts on VoIP (and We Are Here to Help You)
VoIP is all we do. Our products and services are real solutions to your problem.

4. We Answer The Phone (and We Return Your Calls)
There is no need for us to hide behind an email address or online form. We want to speak with you.

5. We Can Configure, Set-up And Install 
A complete solution is comprised of more than just hardware. We know that you may need help configuring your devices to use our services. We can provision, fulfill and install any piece of equipment and service you purchase.