Nissos Development Vision

         Our vision is to be the preferred partner for providing secure and reliable business communication solutions for enterprise customers across the Globe.

Nissos Development Mission

  1. To digitally transform businesses by innovating and integrating the latest in information communication technology products and services
  2. To deliver on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards of our industry
  3. To ensure customer satisfaction and the continued growth and prosperity of VoIP and our employees

Nissos Development Values

  1. Trust We position trust to be our most important value. Trust is something you must earn and everyone in our company strives to be trustworthy.
  2. Customer Service Our organisation recognizes the importance of customer service and our priority is our customers.
  3. Reliability We endeavor to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing the best possible advice, technology and commitment to delivery.
  4. Leadership Our leadership capability delivers a knowledgeable and performance driven organisation.